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Designing the right solutions to attract and retain your winning team

Since 1992, Granite Group Benefits' employee benefits professionals are specialists in all facets of the design, administration and management of employee benefit programs. Our benefits department is built around your needs. We have the resources and capability to help you create and execute the most effective benefit plans, control healthcare costs, stay compliant, and keep you informed about current benefit trends.

We help our clients make smart informed decisions every day! We can help you too!

We are embracing the challenges of healthcare reform and have the resources required to help our clients thrive in these new conditions.

Given the dynamic nature of today’s environment, finding an advisor with the right experience is essential to achieving your company’s mission, now and in the future. We have the right team of experts with the experience to navigate these evolving times and bring long term strategic approaches to complex issues.

Products and Services

  • Wellness

    Lower Your Health Care Costs and Improve Your Employees’ Health Risk Profile

  • Employee Support

    Who helps your employees when they have problems with their health insurance?

  • Benefits Compliance

    We help you navigate through the complex landscape of healthcare legislation, regulation and reform.

  • Executive Compensation Strategies

    We design and create executive compensation strategies that allow you to attract, retain and reward key talent for your organization.

  • Administration & Technology

    Streamline processes and get the valuable information you need

  • Playbook Process

    Our strategic approach to help measure and drive a greater return on investment for every dollar spent on your employee benefits program.

  • Healthcare Reform

    Granite Group Benefits will be your trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing legislative world of Health Care Reform and Compliance.